vonageIf you read JW18’s post on VOIP, you probably got interested in this technology to cut some costs for your business. While VOIP is definitely not a new technology, not everyone has taken advantage of it yet. If you are one of those, why don’t you take a look at three of the most viable options?

First, we have Vonage. I am sure that you have heard this brand name already. I think that they have been quite effective in establishing their name, both for businesses and individuals. Vonage offers a lot of features to its customers but I think that one of their biggest selling points is the fact that they offer toll free numbers – not all VOIP providers have this option. With regard to pricing, Vonage also has a competitive edge – their packages start at $39.99 a month.

Second, you should consider Skype. While Skype started out as similar to the other free instant messaging platforms, they quickly branched out to target businesses and individuals looking for premium service. Skype has even lower costs than Vonage, making it ideal for cost cutting. There is a slight problem with Skype though – you have to purchase a separate package to get a Skype number that other people can call you at.

Third, Speakeasy is fast becoming a contender for very affordable VOIP services. You might recognize the brand because of their broadband speed test services but they have been making noise in the VOIP industry, and should be something to look out for.

Originally posted on March 1, 2009 @ 9:46 pm

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