President Bush' Announcement

For days now, there have been rumors, news, gossips and speculations regarding the new plan of attack that United States President Bush has been keeping under wraps with regards to the Iraq war issue. The overall gist of the announcements has been regarding the deployment of additional troops to the war plagued nation.

As always, this has drawn continued criticism of the seemingly never ending conflict. Being more on the offensive seems to be harvesting the war and allowing it to reach outrageous levels rather than ending it. Such can be seen from the various criticisms that Bush has been receiving from his countrymen and some nations as well.

The insights shared by the democratic front of the US are only normal. War casualties are growing and sending more to prove the power of the US is only aggravating the issue. For sure, this issue will rest in the annals of US history as conflicting and for Bush, it seems that it has become more of a personal war and vendetta rather than resolving an issue that can obviously be settled with the elimination of where it all started, that of which was with the late Saddam Hussein.

Originally posted on January 8, 2007 @ 1:48 am

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