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Now might not be a good time to start a business in many people’s eyes but hey, things are looking up and in the next several months or so, we might actually witness change. More so, there are sectors which are still profitable and could use some new businesses. Here are some of the top industries you should consider when starting a new business, courtesy of

Employment services
Today’s business environment is hyper-competitive and constantly in flux. To increase response time, companies have turned to temporary employees, in an effort to stay productive while managing overhead. This trend is projected to continue through 2012, pushing up the employment rate in this sector by 54%.

And guess where companies look to for temporary employees? Head hunters and other similar services!

Home health care
While employment in the health service industry is projected to grow 28% by 2012, employment in the specialized home health care industry is expected to be nearly twice that, or 54.5%. Each year, over 7.6 million people are provided with home health care services.

Thanks to science and medicine, people are living to a ripe old age more and more. This means, however, that more people are needed assistance at home. And that is where home health care comes into the picture.

Motion picture/video
Today, Americans and much of the world flip through over 200 channels of programming. The movie industry has grown in a similar fashion, with single movie houses getting consumed by 20-screen theatres with stadium seating. Such a massive amount of programming requires a commensurate supporting industry of production studios, distributors, advertisers and engineers, just to name a few. Over the next decade, the number of persons employed by the motion picture and video industry is expected to grow 31%.

This sector may require more long term thinking but hey, if you’re in it for the long run, you should consider this.

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