businessvoipThe technology has been around for so long that it has managed to evolve as a primary business tool for communications. Known mostly to support and call centers, VoIP has gone mainstream saving businesses the much needed cash that hard to come by in today’s economic downturn. From high-end hardware based VoIP that has dedicated hardware designed to work similar to the private branch exchange systems of days past to more affordable soft-VoIP or software-based VoIP that uses emulators presenting the communications interface through the computer’s monitor.
Communications is one of the most expensive costs in a business and what better way to save than to use the existing internet connection for the same purpose. VoIP for business allows the downsizing of the communications infrastructure that used to cost businesses thousands of dollars turning to the ever present internet for communications that with the addition of a mic and speaker system turns into a more profitable investment.

Originally posted on December 3, 2010 @ 10:40 am

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