US President Bush seems to love it when he adds more wood to fire. Already burdened with the issue regarding the opposition of the Democratic Party with regards to his move to send additional troops, he now focuses his attention in pointing to Iran as the culprit in supplying Iraq with armor-piercing weapons to battle and annihilate US soldiers in the ongoing war.

Bush versus Iran and Iraq

Iran has been rumored to be on aggressively manufacturing and distributing arms to Iraq, even to the extent of nuclear firepower. Seemingly, the issue is seen as escalating as Bush seems to want full control of the situation despite withdrawal of support from his fellow countrymen and allied nations.

Separating the personal vendetta for the good of all should be taken into consideration by the US president. The Iraq war seems to be existent because of his wrong decision-making schemes. As it stands now, everything would seem to settle down once Bush wises up and approaches the whole conflict with an open minded through liberal thinking.

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Originally posted on February 15, 2007 @ 3:25 pm

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