The manner of speaking to which politicians may be quoted, handing out speeches and other probable statements made in public should be done in an analytical process. The kind of impact that such remarks made to the open may encounter mixed reactions, mainly because the listening audience may not immediately understand the gist of the message being sent.

Barack Obama

A lot of this would have to do with regards to addressing delicate issues such as that of the lives that were wasted remarks by democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Stating that “lives were waster” in the Iraq war was taken in a different impact. Rather, as claimed by Obama, it was meant to address the lack of sensitivity that the civilian leadership had over the sending of troops to battle the Iraq war.

While apologies can be made, damage will have already been done. The immediate reaction of people will continue to stay and such will be an impact with regards to future statements. That is why it would be best to think, analyze and deliver first before making such speeches, especially when a person finds himself in public office.

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Originally posted on February 13, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

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