As expected from the previous blog entry, the evident resignation of Army Francis J. Harvey was indeed intended for an impending turmoil that has focused on the below quality service that the said medical facilities have been giving towards their inbound patients, mostly military personnel. Such has become a political circus and has become a feeding ground for political figures in making it one of their stepping boards towards media attention today.

Walter Reed Medical Center Scandal

The outrageous issue has gotten out of control, especially since it concerns the condition of injured troops who are in the middle of the nation’s attention of the ongoing war. Different testimonies led by high ranked military personnel are set to support the congress’ obvious outrage of this breaking news. The most significant highlight of this issue is the supposed exodus of skilled staff that has lowered the quality of service provided by the medical facility and further risking the injuries and conditions of the wounded troops.

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Originally posted on March 5, 2007 @ 11:44 pm

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