The Communication ProcessCommunication is one of the important things that most businessmen and employees have to conquer. The wavelength that most people have to determine and the level of the frequency to which they can be able to converse with others is the most important aspect of being able to determine the difference between effectiveness and successful meetings and presentations to be able to consummate deals. Sad as it may seem, sometimes the level of education and where their education was gotten are some of the essential things that defines how a person is able to stand confident and properly deliver the entire message to the receiver, something that eliminates issues that concern of proper and authentic information that has to pass through different channels before reaching its point of destination.

The process is simpler than it seems. In ordinary case, the communication process would be free flowing and would seem to reach the third person with no problem at all. But sometimes, certain issues need to be addressed, and these include:

  1. Immediate Perception and Storage of the Message prior to Transfer
  2. Outside Forces or Mixed Inputs
  3. Time frame for Delivery of the Message

There are far more things to consider why people have a difficult time of relaying the message and retaining their actual meaning. But if such messages pass through other means, such as messengers of other channels that do not originate from the actual sender, there is bound to be some inconsistencies along the way. These become barriers in business, and aside from the possibility of assuming that a person is not inclined or has not whole heartedly taken the task at hand and immediately informs the actual receiver of the message, delays and modifications to the original message is a certainty.

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