Black Gulaman and Apple TeaAll over the world, the cry is for quality made products that can be purchased at most supermarkets and retail outlets wherever they may be. Green Tea, a key product that has evidently gathered raves due to the rising demand for health conscious people today has been one category that is being congested but at the same time abused by people who want to earn a profit out of the current demand of the market.


Chin Chin Green Tea Mass DisplaySome would call business tycoons as brilliant when it is being seen as a business venture, but for the health buffs, this is quite a pathetic practice that is slowly in the borderline of piracy and stealing from people. Most people are not familiar with the taste and nutrition that green tea provides and it would take the natural tea drinkers the gauging point to identify authentic green tea drinks from imitation drinks. Chin Chin Green Tea variants are a hit all over the world, including Canada and the United States, but for lesser fortunate countries like the Philippines, green tea is viewed more of as a flavored drink rather than an actual health drink possessing oxidants that can purify the body from unwanted toxins that are usually contracted through food and pollution of surrounding areas.


Chin Chin offers different types of green tea variants to suit the requirements and fancy of most tea drinkers. These include:

  • Green Tea with Lemon
  • Green Tea with Apple
  • Green Tea with Honey
  • Green Tea with Jasmine/ Unsweetened

Among the mentioned variants, the unsweetened green tea is normally the one identified to be the product that has lesser demand. Most still look to satisfy their sweet tooth, but for the more calorie conscious individuals, such a green tea variant is in demand.


Beverage giants such as Universal Robina Corporation and Zest-O have developed product that were manufactured in a way to be able to answer the need of the local people they have. However, they can do this because the product knowledge of their market is totally unaware of what green tea is. They would usually relate it to iced tea, which is a totally different genre and this is what perhaps current green tea drinks such as C2 and The One are targeting, the lack of knowledge of the product proper. They are able to market their product and offer low prices because the typical components do not really contain the green tea essentials. Take this outside of the Philippines and I doubt if they can have the same success conning people to buy their product.

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