Sales TargetsPractically any company today with often worry about how to hit their sales targets, something that is crucial to the overall revenue evaluation of any company in line with its overall operations. Sales targets are usually set by sales and marketing teams with the purpose of offsetting all daily operating expenses needed for a company to function well.

Providing figures is easy on paper. The important thing however is to prepare the supporting documents that are connected as to how people would be able to justify and support the expected sales. These figures are not made out of pure judgment and assumptions alone. The entire process of coming up with the necessary figures is something that most management teams and top level executives will scrutinize and audit to give their insights as well regarding the feasibility of the said claims and how they can be of benefit towards the company.

Such figures are also essential to the financial statement operations, a report that is periodically checked by corporate management committee to analyze and evaluate the overall operations. Areas for discrimination will always be open towards such reports for the reason that corporate stability and satisfactory performance is the ultimate priority above everything else. Operating on a break-even or better yet a profitable margin is something that most executives would love to see, but losses, especially for companies that are in the early stages of existence is only normal but are expected to pick up. Businesses are expected to pick up after proper saturation of its target market and the overall efficiency of the marketing team that will be carried out by its sales account executives that go out in the field.

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Originally posted on September 19, 2006 @ 10:18 pm


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