As usual, US troops have taken center stage with regards to the issues besetting the country as of today. The latest update is that of Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey’s resignation due to low standard conditions with regards to taking care of wounded troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Francis J. Harvey

This obviously stemmed from President Bush’ latest move on making a review of the country’s network of military and veteran hospitals booked with a lot of casualties of the troops who served for the Iraqi war. The level of quality for providing patient care has obviously deteriorated and this has caught the ire of Harvey since he would be held liable and probably the scapegoat once it totally gets out of hand.

Left with not alternative, Defense Secretary Robert Gates accepted Harvey’s resignation. This was a move seen as forecasting his evident removal allowing him to exit before the bomb explodes and fingers start pointing. Whatever the case may be, for sure, Harvey will still be cited once this issue dramatizes in the coming days.

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Originally posted on March 3, 2007 @ 12:48 am

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