With a lot of things to consider and things to ponder, the best way to garner votes for the coming 2008 US Presidential Elections is to let people hear what they want to happen. Some would say better energy sources issues, some want reforms, and some would want an end to the Iraqi War debacle. The list goes on and on and among them, it would be up to the presidential hopefuls to single out which among them would be the theme of their campaign bandwagon.

Elections Up Close

For Democratic Sen. Barrack Obama, emphasis would be on universal heath care, something that has become the important things for most people today. While such promises are appealing to the ears of the masses, it cannot be avoided on how thick this promise would stand. Would it be for simple attraction or would the person truly do something about it? Based on experience, seated president’s have yet to fulfill all their promises and this 2008, hopefully the next one would be able to stand up and hold true his promise.

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Originally posted on January 26, 2007 @ 2:43 am

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