The US offensive has been laid down and the democrats are still not for the sending of additional troops to Iraq for the continuing war on terror. While such a move has been condemned by the Allied Nations as well, President Bush has passed the ball to the other side, challenging them to provide their own alternative courses of action.

Democrats Blast Bush' Decisions

This having been said, a lot of suggestions and alternatives will surely be aired. For one, peace is still the main objective. However, this is something that is definitely not in Bush’ vocabulary. But analyzed up close, peace is far from being accomplished if you talk about sending additional troops to replace the injured or killed men from the ongoing crisis.

As it stands now, if elections were held, Bush would definitely lose the presidency given his series of decision-making behaviors that seems to be drawing protests in his own country and nearby nations as well. It has become a personal vendetta and unless Bush shapes up, his seat at the presidency may be over sooner than he thinks.

Originally posted on January 14, 2007 @ 2:09 am

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