For some time now, the issue of the questionable dismissal by Atty. General Alberto Gonzales concerning the firing of eight U.S. attorneys has been the firing the headlines and from all indications, Gonzales better brace himself for further frying coming from the different sectors.

Atty. General Alberto Gonzales Issue

As its stands, all politician, republicans and so forth have openly criticized and questioned his ability to lead, even though Gonzales shares that he is not bothered by it…for now.

However, if the headlines are any indication, he is up for more issue ahead. Many have sent feelers for Gonzales to step down but unless he officially does so, the crisis is sure to remain in the air and the issue running around for the next couple of days.

For sure, there will be a lot of eagle eyes looking on and Gonzales is all too well aware of them. The question that remains for now is up to when he can handle it and what course of action can the attorney general possibly be thinking at the moment.

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Originally posted on April 21, 2007 @ 11:57 pm

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