The surveillance and unorthodox manner of being able to monitor terrorist activities in the region of the United States has been overwhelming but the various practices and resort in being able to do so have its limits as well. Among the controversial means that has drawn the ire of most is that of the TALON program or Threat and Local Observation Notice database that was put into place in 2003.

Talon Program Pentagon

Based on the assessment of undersecretary of defense James Clapper, there is no merit and has actually produced disappointing results as seen from the program. It has catered more in sparkling controversial information by invading privacies in terms of collecting information on peace activists and monitoring anti-war protests across the country.

The whole purpose of the TALON program has evidently failed and from the looks of it, it shall soon be rebuked. That is if defense secretary Robert Gates has nothing to say about this issue.

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Originally posted on April 26, 2007 @ 2:52 pm

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