While many have criticized President Bush’s every move and decision-making ordeals with regards to the Iraq war, his latest appeal for longer patience is something I would agree with. Stating that the issue of the demand for the end of the Iraq war is easier said than done, it would take some months before the war can be considered truly over.

Bush and Iraq War Issue

The democratic parties are planning to bring up the issue to tackle on the request of President Bush for additional funding for the US troops that he wants to send to the ongoing Iraq war crisis. While many perceive the move as totally heartless since it would mean giving up further lives for country, the funds part is something that has drawn the ire of the people, especially the ones seated in government positions.

While the point raised by the President may be commendable, the fact remains that sending additional troops will only escalate matters. Hopefully Bush has an answer to this as well to spare innocent American lives.

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Originally posted on March 19, 2007 @ 2:08 am

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