Employee RelationshipsFrom experience, it is but common to get yaps and side comment from nearby co-employees who have nothing else to do. Employees exert more effort on criticizing people who accomplish something rather than minding their own work to reach their goals and improve performance. In the usual office setting, intrigues and back biting is only but natural and failure to be able to survive and handle these situation will not only lead to trouble but stooping down to their immature level. A pity sight, but the only loser will be the one who allows it to affect them.


Handling such situations requires a large deal of patience. The usual people are the ones who get bypassed for getting due credit or promotions for that matter, something that most employees would always look forward to. Personal ethics take a back seat for career advancement, and even the dirtiest manner of attaining them will not be spared.


In each of us, we know we are special and gifted for a particular field. We just don’t know the proper timing upon which to release and apply this, perhaps due to being scared of rejection. It should be made known that in most cases, the unique business strategies come from unorthodox ways of combining ideas. Funny as it may seem, but these are the market attractions and practices that gain attention which will eventually be followed by most organizations.

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