Placement SchemesThe best way for people to be able to convince and sell products or services is to have the proper product knowledge, product positioning and background. The confidence of any seller or marketer on the product that he is endorsing will be a lot more convincing since in most cases, questions surrounding the product that is being offered will always be the area for questioning by most target outlets and retailers.

It is easier to close out a deal or make a sale if people know a product by heart. Sales people who try to build up a product without the proper product background will most likely have a hard time convincing people about the benefits and essentials of the product that is being presented. The strategy behind the proper marketing of the product should be readily mapped out, usually by the research and development team. This tactic is especially effective for newly formed companies. The task is a whole lot harder since they are rookies in the forefront of a world of marketing warfare and tactical strategies that most pioneer organizations employ due to their familiarity and length of existence in the business. Such can be seen from organizational giants all over the world that include Gatorade, Samsung, Nokia, Pfizer, Microsoft, Macintosh and San Miguel. These brand names have been in existence for quite some time now and to place a product in front of them head on is similar to committing business suicide. The approach on how to be able to squeeze them in and become minor market players initially shall be the first hard task in hand. If properly cared for, the growth of the rookie companies and their increased popularity and growth shall depend and become the ultimate test on how their marketing teams lay out the framework for an effective business and marketing plan that will guide them towards corporate success and establish themselves in the race for larger market shares.

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