Good Business EthicsSomething that has been asked all over the world is on whether employees still believe in practicing practical work ethics as directed by each company in retaining internal professionalism among rank and file to supervisory personnel in their work place. Ethics is something we would usually hear everyday, but majority on the negative aspect. This is perhaps due to the fact that employees and people only look at one side of the entire scenario and not from a corporate point of view. It is only once they are able to see and distinguish when they run their own small scale companies they will be able to realize what true corporate business ethics is all about.


There is no doubt that employees, particularly the first timers and newly injected ones in a totally different corporate culture will be grasping their way into the fray to be able to adapt to the proper personnel policies and procedures. Surely, most people do not really understand the reason for them being there, and why a company would retain strict policies on individual behavior and work accomplishment. Technically, personal ethics as far as professional performance of the job that they are holding are not among the immediate things in mind. All that mattes is performing their duties and responsibilities to be get paid, foregoing the other factors such as social, cultural and ethical practices that an employee is expected to practice at all times in any company that they find themselves into.


Job InterviewSome sectors will disagree, each having their own views on proper management. But the gist of it all is that different management styles are for the good of the company and not for one person alone. The effectiveness of such strategies in management may have unorthodox practices, but it is the overall performance in its entirety that matters the most to the corporate officers and stakeholders who want the company to prove its worth of existence.

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