One of the more common issues that most executives and managers face today is how to motivate and maintain the level of performance of employees who may encounter some slow down along the way in the course of their tenure with a company. The various means of motivating people range from monetary up to empowerment. Employee Motivation

Monetary rewards are only common in most employees. Bonuses, incentives, and commissions are the most common forms of motivating factors that allow employees to aim high and pursue a certain goal. Their mission is to prove that they have what it takes, if not better, to accomplish their job. The only thing that stands in their way is that they reserve a part of their talent as a security measure, something that they will save once the time for it to be used arises.

For the more career-oriented individuals, giving additional responsibilities, a mission to accomplish in exchange for power is something that they would appreciate over monetary rewards. Monetary rewards would take a backseat in these cases, since should they be able to prove themselves worthy of the power vested in them, the monetary part for their services will come sooner than expected. This also extends not only towards their current company but for other companies that they may be eyeing, using the experience level as the sole purpose for sacrificing money for career.

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