Laying off people from work is one of the hardest part and responsibility of being the immediate supervisor in business organizations. Reasons may vary, like poor individual performance or simply the lack of justification for operations to help sustain its finances. Proper protocol is however needed, such as verbal warnings and memorandums prior to actual execution of the decision to part ways.


For the professional people who take pride in their work and are clearly educated in the actual performance of a company, they offer a more rational understanding of why such an occurrence would eventually get to this point. Being in the organization itself, the employees can more or less assess overall performance and of course the usual rumors and gossips that would get around for informal ways of gathering information. While gossip may not be a good sign within an organization, it simply cannot be avoided. Gossip becomes one of the more common expected components in a work place, and a place without it may seem awkward for most organizations.


Usually, this would be concentrated towards the rank and file employees. Having it include the managers and upper managing personnel is not a good sign, and professionalism is definitely absent. While each organization has different ways of management styles, the usual employee would barely last in such a scenario. A gauge that can be used is the success stories of most organizations today. Large companies such as General Electric, Ford, Nokia, Coca Cola, and Microsoft employ professional procedures to ensure that professional work ethics are held to minimize such unwanted practices. While there will still be some present, containing it a level where it will not resort to a full blown issue is something that will help allow most companies focus more on functional operations rather than petty issues, something that most companies would surely want to see in their daily operations.

Originally posted on June 28, 2006 @ 7:33 am

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