As in most elections, the usual denominator would be that of to find a key area of interest that would further get the attention and nod of possible voters to pay more attention to them and their supposed purpose for running for office. For any electoral candidate, this is the flagship of their overall campaign. And to get the attention would indeed circle around current issues to which people would want answers and actions towards addressing them and what they may have in store for such.

Fake Candidates and Empty Promises

The real question remains, are these claims for course of action towards standing issues for real or simply for word of mouth only to get the approval of their votes. Such would not be really surprising considering that it has been a traditional practice that candidates would make promises but nothing would materialize in the end. But people are wiser. Beforehand, they would know if they are really capable of doing such promises or are simply in it to buy the vote of the people.

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Originally posted on February 17, 2007 @ 11:47 pm

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