5 Business Uses For Modern Camera Technology


Business people are always looking for ways to use modern technology to help out their bottom line. And one huge thing that has been modernized in recent years is camera technology. Cameras are getting smaller, more detailed, and more precise, and storage space is practically unlimited now. All of these things put together means that if you can figure out modern uses of camera technology, then you can use them to help your business grow and expand.

Five particular instances of this that you can look at examples of include drain clog removal, surgeries, live streaming of events, crime photography and videography, and even citizen journalism. The way that cameras are owned and operated now helps all of those things, especially with respect to the business world.

Drain Clog Removal

It used to be a bit of an esoteric practice, trying to get drains unclogged. However, with new drain line cameras available, consumers and professionals alike can have a literal view of the clogs that they’re trying to get rid of. By simply having the right equipment, you can get rid of an incredible amount of extraneous effort that goes into business propositions with respect to drain cleaning, simply by having a visual at all times.


Another business that has been radically changed by camera technology is in the medical industry. Surgeons can now use tiny cameras to look into all sorts of complicated areas of the human body. By using the feedback from these cameras, surgeons have a much better idea of what types of cuts they need to make, and if there are any specific blockages that can be taken out from different means as well. Hospitals and surgeons that use these new cameras have a much higher success rate, thereby increasing their business flow.

Live Streaming

If you are in any sort of business that would profit by having live streaming available, then modern camera technology is there to help you as well. By combining things like cell phone camera video feeds with social media concepts, you can have high quality, instant streaming available for pretty much no cost at all on your part. Using live streaming to help your business this way has become a very common construct of independent people operating as businesses.

Crime Photography and Videography

Though it’s less of the business and more of a service, using new camera technology to help with crime photography and videography is a big deal as well. Law enforcement officials can use these new cameras to help their business model, which is to serve and protect.

Citizen Journalism

And finally, there are a lot of citizen journalists out there today that can actually make a profit by reporting on conditions around them. This isn’t always a direct correlation, but many bloggers or writers use cameras in the form of cell phones or other portable devices in order to broadcast their ideas to people in striking new ways, improving their brand by doing so.

Originally posted on May 23, 2017 @ 8:44 pm