Politics has always been something that would spell conflict and disaster. Such can be attributed to the never-ending crisis that large countries including the United States have to manage daily. While it has never been experienced to have a government run as smooth that their countrymen would raise their glasses in approval, based on the series of events, this shall continue to be the case.

Dark Clouds over a Nation

Continuous political bickering and backstabbing, everything is about the battle for power and supremacy. However, once seated into power, all that is left are empty promises and continuous debate over prevailing decisions for the supposed good of the nation.

It is quite evident that people will have their own way of running a country. Problem is they are too focused on getting into power that once they are seated, they forget everything that they had promised which create more turmoil than good. This is one reason why dark clouds still continue to ponder and unless the right person sits in power, there are no clear skies ahead for any nation surrounded by controversies and deceit.

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Originally posted on January 24, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

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