Run Multiple Lead Generation Campaigns At Once

As a sales director, are you ever satisfied with your company’s lead generation performance? Leads keep your sales department running, and if your current sales lead generation strategy, whether it’s in-house or outsourced, isn’t delivering, it’s time to consider a new solution. As a multi-national company, your organization needs a huge volume of good, qualified leads to continue growing. In today’s market, the lead generation game has changed, with more ways to connect with customers than ever. The most effective lead generation strategies involve multiple campaigns working in synergy while using multiple media.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is direct marketing, only the Internet has opened up tons of new channels to reach customers directly. But with access to so many new audiences, you can waste a lot of time marketing to the wrong people. Demand generation companies should be doing their research and designing digital campaigns with niche targets in mind.

Direct Mail

Creative is the secret to making direct mail turn into B2B sales leads. Remember, your direct mail campaign isn’t selling your product, it’s selling a meeting with your sales department. Personalized direct mail grabs decision maker’s attention and a holistic approach to marketing capitalizes on direct mail. Direct mail is one of the most commonly misunderstood channels by sales teams. According to the Black Report, a detailed lead generation report by 360 Leads, marketers believe direct mail is 26.8% more effective than sales. Once you have their attention, follow up with a phone call to arrange a sales meeting. Personalization works, just take this story from 360 Leads: their campaign targeted commercial architects to sell a premium spray foam insulation. The company took hand-drawn blueprints of buildings each firm had worked on and printed them on branded T-shirts It was an instant success that quickly generated inbound leads.


Too many demand generation companies focus exclusively on telesales, however they still remain a key element of any creative B2B demand generation campaign. The difference a professional solution makes is treating telesales like a conversation with your prospects, and that means listening. Don’t fall into autopilot, don’t refuse to go off script. Listening gives telemarketers insight into what prospective customers expect, what they’re not getting from their current solutions providers, and how you can fill that niche. A professional demand generation company also targets its B2B telesales rather than blanketing businesses. Better data quality and information about company key decision-makers make a more meaningful, successful telesales campaign.

Holistic Approach

Multiple simultaneous lead campaigns across various media is how a demand generation company like 360 Leads delivers major brands new sales leads in the numbers they need. A third of companies with over 5,000 employees report that they need more than 5,000 leads each month—a fifth require more than 10,000 leads. The number of leads you need to reach your targets for a specific campaign depend on factors like revenue quota per rep, percentage of quota self-generated, and your expected conversion rate. Professional lead generation companies are the only demand generation support that can provide leads in those numbers. Marketing is about more than building a brand – it’s about engaging customers in meaningful conversations that lead directly to sales. Talk to a B2B demand generation company that support multi-million companies with holistic sales lead campaigns today. Stop missing sales quotas and start driving profitability!

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