The Growing Need For Technology Resellers To Work Internationally

In a world where media is being consumed on demand regularly around the world, cloud-based service providers, locally and globally, must meet the call if they are to sustain business and meet consumer expectations. The trend towards streaming online for entertainment and information far outweigh the numbers that still go to the television, radio, or newspapers especially for the generations that grew up with the internet. There are cloud-based services for virtually every type of interaction, from professional (such as connecting through LinkedIn) to personal (like Facebook) and those who have a presence internationally require the infrastructure to transmit quality signals. Often the equipment needed is shipped from elsewhere, rather than manufactured in the country that the international arm of a corporation is doing business in, and they need someone (a reseller), to lease them this technology.

Unfortunately for a value-added reseller, going global can be a massive undertaking, owing to the fact that cross-border transactions can be complex, particularly when importing sensitive goods. Computer technologies are treated with great scrutiny at the customs of most countries because they can be used for civilian or military purposes, and must be deemed as safe and trustworthy before awarded clearance. Making sure the goods are cleared is the exporting entity’s (in this case the reseller’s) responsibility, and requires them to complete a hefty amount of paperwork to accompany the shipment which includes a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, and further customs support documentation like additional permits and certifications.

However, it’s challenging to prepare when customs regulations keep changing, and every country handles sensitive equipment in varying ways, one small mistake can delay an entire shipment and procure unforeseen costs for both the reseller and their client. All these factors play into why creating global partnerships must be thought through despite how in demand technology resellers are, there is fortunately one global distributions partner that is known for relieving pain points associated with this process. TecEx — an Importer of Record with points of presence in 136 countries — guarantees clearance of technologies every time, and with best lead times. Because of their knowledge they can prepare all the necessary paperwork, and have customs approve shipments within 10 days of giving the reseller their quote. What’s more is they can retrieve a value-added tax refund from 40 of these countries, saving resellers money, as the tax procured from these types of imports can be strenuous.

They also offer a hands-on service, giving their clients access to an online portal where they may track their shipment throughout the process. As well, resellers are given access to a client services executive who liaises with the on the ground team on their behalf, ensuring all goods reach the correct destination post clearance. The hassles of global distribution should not prevent the development of international partnerships. With a trusted Importer of Record, these relationships can begin to grow, especially when a vast number of consumers across the globe could benefit from faster and more reliable cloud-based services.

Originally posted on July 23, 2017 @ 10:03 pm

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