Saddam Hussein

So the talk of the town at the moment is the claimed execution of one of the merciless dictators from Iraq, Saddam Hussein. For sure, a lot of people are relieved, celebrating and heaving a sigh of relief that this issue has been laid to rest. Or has it?

Saddam will always be remembered for orchestrating such devious acts such as that of declaring war on the United States, the World Trade Center Massacre or now popularly known as 9/11, and creating havoc by executing certain people in Iraq, his point of origin. Saddam was sentenced to death by hanging and was executed in Baghdad as reported in various news organizations over the world.

Some questions in mind, was he really hanged and executed? Why were images only seen about Saddam being prepared for execution? Why was the body after execution never shown? Did the intelligence teams and security task force deployed on his behalf really gather all the supporters and loyal descendants of Saddam to ensure world peace and safety?

There is still much to answer and expect for. But as far as the issue is concerned, Iraq is still at war and President Bush is still under fire. Terrorism for the meantime cannot be claimed to be officially over. Besides, if Saddam Hussein can come into power and declare war and create the damage to powerful nations such as the United States, what would stop other from following them?

Reality check, there is still this standing issue with regards to why North Korea is doing these nuclear testing things over in the Asian region. Iraq may be hiding something since war and death tolls are still rising. With these points in tow, anything is still possible. Let us just hope that the chosen people to ensure security for their respective countries do not let their guards down in the height of these events.

Originally posted on January 4, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

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