White Flag

Around the world, it only seems normal to hear about political misunderstandings, nations at war and disputes that have caused tension around the globe. While most of these issues look like they will never end, truces and ceasefires in celebration of the annual Yuletide season is something that is common and traditional.

Countries like Iraq and the Philippines, countries that are always in the middle of political disputes and misunderstandings observe the said ceasefires, something that the world would wish will last more than just the holiday season. But then again, that is wishful thinking until such resolutions are made for erring issues of various natures.

But whatever happens, after the holidays, everything will be back to where it was. Unlike the past years, hopefully something concrete will happen from months of negotiations between both parties. For sure, peace is something that everyone would want, not only for the Christmas season but for a longer period of time.

Originally posted on December 25, 2006 @ 12:14 am

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