Despite President Bush’ continued efforts of pushing his power and going on the offensive on Iraq, it seems that it has all boiled down to the US and Iraq as far as the course of the war is concerned. Allied nations such as Great Britain, Italians and South Koreans have technically pulled out, seeing that there is no sense if spreading further bloodshed with the war-stricken country and seeing any signs of resolution to the peace efforts.

Iraq War Images

It is no secret that even casual Americans are not too keen on sending more troops to Iraq. But despite various clamors coming from different sectors of the United States, this is has not stopped Bush from going forth with his plans, supposedly for security reasons.

In fairness, Bush wants to focus on security above all. However, his approach may not be the best one as people will always want to settle the issues on a more competent and sane manner. As it seems, Bush is not looking back on the calls, and the crisis seems to be far from being resolved.

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Originally posted on January 12, 2007 @ 5:55 am

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