Former President Gerald Ford

The presidency of the United States is a position that is always up for controversies and conflicts. The leadership of one of the strongest nations in the world today is considered a hot seat to most. The best witnesses to such would be the current and former presidents who have had their chance to lead the United States in various times.

Former President Gerald Ford was a leader that gathered the respect of all. Known for leading the nation based on his instincts and integrity, Ford was acclaimed to be among the greatest leaders that the U.S. has ever known after the forgettable reign that former president Richard Nixon handled.

At the age of 93, President Ford passed away at his desert home last December 26. He is survived by his wife and former first lady Betty Ford. Already claiming the distinction of being the longest living former president of the United States, Ford had several medical issues for the past year. A great man and leader, Ford will always are remembered for shutting down the controversial book, The Watergate Scandal.

Originally posted on December 27, 2006 @ 1:31 am

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