It’s a fact that 90% of users are lurkers, 9% of users contribute from time to time and the remaining 1% of users is the ones that participates in the action. Face the facts. As to why that 1% of readers is not commenting on your blog, well that’s another story. Chances are, there’s something wrong with the way you blog. Here are possible reasons as to why your blog isn’t receiving any comments.

Your post is not interesting.
Why would the reader comment if your post didn’t catch their attention? They might not even finish reading your post. To invite comments, make your posts interesting. You must know what your niche audience wants and write something about it.

Visitors got no time to spare.

Some visitors like reading your blog yet don’t leave comments. They would read your blog then go do other important stuff. Time is of the essence and people tend to not have enough of it. Make your blog worthy of a comment. Give a reason for people to spend a couple of their precious minutes to comment on your blog.

Readers like questions, not answers.
Your blog might be full of answers that it doesn’t need to be commented on anymore. Sometimes being a know-it-all turns off readers. Don’t give them all the answers right away. Start by asking questions. This gives the readers a chance to express themselves. They will respond by commenting on your blog. A blog post with question will elicit responses, don’t you think?

Lost in translation.
When your readers can’t comprehend what your thoughts are, chances are you won’t receive any comments. They are not mind readers. Most of the time they like to be spoon-fed. Your posts should be easily understood.

Interaction not required.
Do you know the feeling of being right at home? Some blogs have that homey feeling that makes you want to talk to the author and the other readers. Encourage them to interact with each other.

Not passionate enough.
Your blog is the extension of yourself. It will show if you really like what you write. People don’t like it when you’re not passionate about the topics you tackle. Most likely, posts like that will not generate comments.

These are some reasons as to why no one’s commenting on your blog. Is there something else you could add to the list?

Originally posted on December 30, 2007 @ 3:32 am


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