What do you normally do when writing entries for your business blog? How do you go about it? For example, you have a specific topic. Do you just go ahead and write as you think or do you sit down and think about it for a while and then write?

I believe that either way would work just fine. It really depends on your writing style and method – we all have our own preferences and we cannot really say that one is better than the other. What I am concerned about, though, is the tendency of some people to merely fire from the hip without checking up on their facts thoroughly.

You may be thinking, hey I am writing for my blog, not for a newspaper – I am not a journalist! Maybe not in the professional sense of the word but if you want to establish yourself as someone credible – or rather, you want to establish the credibility of your company through your blog – then you have to have cold hard facts. These facts are what should be in your blog.

Think about it this way. Why are you maintaining a business blog again? You want to reach out to existing and potential customers, right? An excellent way to achieve this goal is to be able to present new ideas and opinions on different matters relating to your field of expertise. Now, when it comes to business matters, you are likely to present statistics and other facts. My suggestion: make sure you got your facts (numbers and otherwise) correctly before publishing your blog entry.

Originally posted on November 26, 2007 @ 10:22 am

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