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In the last post, we saw two reasons your business blog may be a flop. Here are some more reasons behind the “unsuccess” of your business blog.

Your comments are turned off.
You may think that this is common sense but believe me, there have been too many cases of blog owners not being aware of this fact. Comments for blogs have been created for a purpose – to entice and encourage interaction between the blogger and the reader and the reader and other readers. If your comments are turned off, the chances are that your readers will be turned off as well! What use is it to them if they cannot voice out their thoughts and opinions on what you have to say? If that is the case, then they might as well visit other blogs wherein they can share their ideas OR read news sites.

You’ve never heard of links.
Or maybe you have but you don’t use them. Why would any blogger NOT use links? Perhaps they don’t know how. Or maybe they don’t think it is important. Well, here’s a wake up call – linking is an integral part of blogging! You need to establish your presence on the web and one of the most effective ways is to link out to others so that they will know that you exist. In this way, you can expect others to become aware of your blog and who knows, they might start linking to your blog as well!

Let’s look at more reasons in the next post.

Originally posted on March 12, 2008 @ 11:38 pm

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