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I know – where is the positivity in the title? Nowhere, really. I just ran across this entertaining but quite genuine blog post about why business blogs “suck.” The post was written by Ben Stephenson over at Remarkablogger. Let’s see what he has to say and what we can learn from it.

It’s duct-taped and stapled onto your existing site with no thought to how to integrate blog and web site or an overall redesign.

Ok, that is pretty self-explanatory don’t you think? You may be laughing or snickering and thinking “Who would ever do that?” Well, the truth is, there is a good number of businessmen out there who do not know much about the Web and what they can actually do with it. They simply know that it is vital to the growth of their business so they take a dip in the water without really knowing what they are doing. This is the key – if you are going to join the bandwagon and establish your web presence, make sure that you at least have a working knowledge of your strategy and implementation. You don’t have to be a tech expert – you can hire people for that if you have the means to do so. However, do make sure that you know the direction you want to take and how you are going to get there.

It’s on Blogger, which makes you look cheap and/or like a spammer and nobody likes Blogger’s commenting system OR It’s on TypePad, which means it’s probably ugly and because it’s hosted someplace else from your main site, you have a very fractured idea about its visitor analytics combined with your business site.

The message? Get your own domain. We’ve talked about this in previous posts – branding your blog.

More to come.

Originally posted on March 10, 2008 @ 11:13 pm

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