Time Management DecisionsFor small companies like Merlion International Sales, Inc., duties and coverage of the area of responsibility as far as trying to cover up all the necessary business operating issues like sales, finance, administration and marketing need proper planning and references to be on track. Concentrating on one aspect alone will render all other departments useless, and through this, the company will still be underachieving. While sales may be recorded as attractive, the next step is how to collect the said payment for the goods rendered sold or consigned. Auditing these sales and coinciding them with the actual number of goods delivered and sent out from the actual inventory of the company are the harder means of completing the entire process, something that most sales people would really not care about as long as they close deals and make sales.


Gantt Chart ExamplesTime management to address all these corporate needs truly need to be itemized and placed in some charts as Gantt charts to follow the status and identify the milestones and shortcomings that the department or person has done. Time management in such cases will be really difficult, and usually, the strict focus on the coinciding corporate direction will most often become erratic. Easily, the immediate solution is to get added manpower help, but considering the size of the company and the lack of financial resources to place additional personnel for budget constraints, pose as hindrances to pursuing this suggested solution to the problem. For the time-being, keeping their heads above water is the main focus and while potential profit making from sales of quality goods may not achieve the goals, the actual sales from distribution and marketing activities will help determine and justify the needed improvements and help to maximize the potential of the business in the industry and the market to where it is.

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