TOWS Matrix SampleNot all people are blessed with the various organizational tools that most professional and advanced personnel use to be able to garner and identify key areas and problems that need to be addressed. It is not a mind game to which most people can simply point out one problem as the main source of all the conflicts and areas needed for improvement. Usually itemized in a table form, a person would place on one column the internal observations such as the strengths and weaknesses after which succeeding columns would bear the external factors such as the opportunities and threats that a company may look forward to. In all these make up the SWOT or TOWS analysis, something that people mistake as different where in fact they are the same.


The key is to be able to identify how to pair one or two factors from the itemized observations and fact, and turn them into points for helping an organization in its desire to provide an overall improvement in performance and operations. It is likewise here where the company can be able to identify which departments will need to be addressed, and what concerns they should resort to in order for them to be able maximize efficiency and effectiveness to the entire organizational hierarchy. For sure, time frames shall be expected to follow afterwards, something that is only normal for business entities looking for an optimized performance and to operate at optimum levels.


Strategic PlanningIt is always best to lay out all the issues a company may have on the table. The only way to ensure total corporate stability and optimization is to identify the internal areas of concern. While the TOWS or SWOT matrix is only one of the many tools a company can resort to, other tools can be considered as well, and this include the Grand Strategy, BCG Matrix, and SPACE matrix. While not all may be applicable, professional people who are used to using these strategic management tools will know what tool to lean on.

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