Most people who apply in a company for the very first time would usually land a contractual and probationary employment. The nature of their employment status is actually a temporary trial for a period of usually 6 months, to allow the company to assess the efficiency and the effectiveness of the applicant, checking if he or she is capable of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position that he was placed in. This assessment period will be of course compared to the overall performance of the department in the company, overseeing it the department has sorted out some shortcomings, most of the time the issue for sub par performances of departments of organizations, finding loopholes that they can turn into excuses for their inability to cope up with the set standards of the company.




The employment status of a company is usually one of the delicate issues, especially for employees who feel that they have contributed so much, rendering overtime work as needed, resorting to multi-tasking work and agreeing to low wages, just to be able to prove that they are qualified and perfect for the job. This becomes their bargaining point in most cases, and while some organizations would properly reward deserving employees, it cannot be denied that some companies would be harder to please. If it were not for the labor laws that a country would have governing the proper handling of labor issues, such as minimum wages, probationary employment period or even contractual employment in most cases, it would not be surprising to see companies abusing employees for their own personal gains.

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