Chin Chin ProductsConsidering the congested bottled beverage industry today, the majority of the players have made it an uphill climb for most new and rookie companies to vie for a decent market share. Beverage giants such as Universal Robina Corporation, San Miguel Corporation, Coca Cola Corporation and Pepsi-Cola Corporation have relegated the other market players to mere secondary alternatives for people who want to try something new.


The green tea craze is so far the most sought after industry that most people think will be acceptable to most consumers. True to its worth, most current and up and coming corporate beverage giants have been constantly trying to develop new and reasonably priced beverages to get their share of the current market demand. The congestion is hence only natural. Health conscious people are shying away from softdrinks and concentrated drinks, being more cautious and aware of their individual health perspectives as of late.


Chin Chin has tried its best to offer green tea quality products but unfortunately, the price does not see well with the market it caters too, especially in the Philippine setting. Unlike in the United States and Canada markets, the local classes are limited to the areas where it is hard to place products, rightfully so since they are filled with various beverages already, leaving not much room for new entrants to be entertained.


BeveragesSo how can a company boost sales? Simply by taking its cue and looking for another genre of drinks. Black Gulaman has started this trend since 2005 and has not yet received any competition, allowing it to dominate the market which cannot categorize its drink as either a beverage or a dessert. Price may not be consumer friendly, but compared to its nearest competitor wannabe, Joy Black Gulaman which only lasts for 7 days, its product life of 9 months is more than enough to boggle the local developer’s mind. Having established itself in this genre, further add-ons, the Aloe Vera Juice Drink (something that tastes like grape juice and is really for consumption and not for the hair), and the Powerbits Sports Drinks which contain fiber jelly to give the consumers something to think about when they taste the jelly bits.


For sure, people will be moving on in this other categories soon. But once that time comes, Chin Chin will have already moved on towards another category. One step backward and two steps forward that is the better way to consider a good business approach today.

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Originally posted on August 31, 2006 @ 9:38 am


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