Fundraising has always been known to be something that would help the people in need such as the disabled, people living in poverty and the aged. But for Presidential candidate Barack Obama, the funds were given for a worthy cause.

Barack Obama and Hollywood Fundraising

A large chunk of the funds from his recent fundraiser in Los Angeles came from the bigwigs of the movie industry such as George Clooney and Barbara Streisand. Rolling in the funds was a form of support to help candidates in bankrolling the estimated amounts for the upcoming campaigns to help candidates.

Other candidates including that of President Bush are expected to follow suite in the coming months. This is in preparation for the 2008 elections where various issues, the major one of which is that of the Iraqi War, are to be attended to.

The ability of Obama to convince and solicit the supporting funds from the stars of Hollywood may be eye-popping, but perhaps Obama truly has something up his sleeve to help the ailing nation in need of a true leader.

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Originally posted on February 21, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

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