What makes a good resume? Credentials? Awards? Citations? Probably. But the bottom line that most companies is how properly a person would outline and present his varied qualifications, experience and educational background. For one, employers want to easily spot how good a person is for him or her to be able in their organization.

Most of the time, people have this wrong notion that artistically designing their curriculum vitae will get the approval and nod of the jobs that they are applying for. If there is one thing that people should take into consideration is that most companies are more concerned with skills, experience and the educational attainment that people garner. It is not a presentation of trying to show how good you are artistically but rather on the content of your resume.

Some things to note in a resume:
1. Make sure that it is updated
2. List down the work experiences you have done, and give a brief explanation of prior duties and responsibilities.
3. Educational Attainment. Write a brief summary of what your course is about, assuming that it is not common to the usual ones in business or venture related. Itemizing the jobs and responsibilities would be a good way to help in assessing the fit for the job.
4. Practice proper grammar. This alone creates the impression for the applicant.
5. Avoid unnecessary information, such as sports committee member or anything unrelated that takes up space.

Applicants should consider, that the more brief and concise resumes will be given the immediate attention. It allows them to view the qualifications of their applicants faster and will thus be able to try to find job positions that may be relevant and matching the applicant’s qualification.

Originally posted on March 29, 2006 @ 11:59 am


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