To head in a direction where the utmost good of any organization is of the extreme importance is the way organizations should lean towards to. With a unified vision and purpose, employees who are made aware of their various roles and part in the whole process are something that should be religiously followed. Giving meaning and importance to their roles, instilling the purpose of an employee’s existence in a well-structured organization will be the key to it all.

It is believed that the success of an organization will depend entirely on the efficiency of its components, with reference to the labor force and the available resources. Mixing them altogether to produce expected outputs will be the immediate priority for everyday operations and one faltering mistake will indeed leave a significant dead in terms of reliability and consistency.

On the part of employees, loving what they do and performing without bounds the expected outputs from them shall be their role in an organization. A labor force without commitment and dedication in contributing to the overall goal of an organization may as well be counted as factors that will eventually lead to both their downfalls.

Originally posted on April 14, 2006 @ 8:49 am


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