Each employee will always have a dream of coming into his own and proving his worth at one point in time in any organization he may find himself in. Opportunities such as this come once in a lifetime and while these are rare occasions, once these events come, it will surely be given at a time where the full trust and belief that management has is solidified. It takes so much for an organization to gamble on giving power and responsibility to employees and much of this depend on maturity and performance of the individual.

The true test lies in actual implementation. Fluctuation and expected improvement as far as department performance is assessed shall be closely monitored and for sure pressure shall be at an extreme level to see how these candidates for higher responsible jobs can cope up with the challenge. Hence, the placement into power is just the start of a hellacious journey ahead for the people chosen and at any rate they should be up to the challenge if only to prove that they are truly worthy for the tasks at hand with planned results ahead of their tenure.

Originally posted on April 13, 2006 @ 2:59 am


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