“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility�

Familiar phrase? Well, if you are a movie enthusiast, it will surely be remembered from the movie “Spiderman�. This phrase was surely not intended for the superheroes that play on the wide screen. For the people like me who give meaning and importance to various adages and phrases used, there is more to it than just being attached in a movie script. Applying it to life and understanding what it truly means is something applicable to our daily social lives.

Imagine yourself being in a position where most of the undertakings of a company fall under your hands and perhaps this will be adaptable to you. Operating everything on a strategical management perspective is surely something that will be critical in the course of the corporate existence. Being a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer or Chief Finance Officer is ideal and really something that is dreamt of by most people wanting to climb the corporate ladder. But along with it comes added pressure and expectations, most of which must be done closely if people are to succeed in it.

Sacrifices will be needed. Time management, proper research and development proceedings and dedication to their work for a common mission and vision is something that most large successful corporations are known for. In which case, appointments to such positions are rewards for hard work, but this does not stop here. This is just the beginning of trying to prove and sustain the initial image that a person has projected, and to keep them holding on to this will surely be something that can be measured depending on the length of tutelage that they have held since their appointment into power.

Originally posted on April 9, 2006 @ 10:39 pm

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