Shifting from one type of work to another may as well be similar to going back to the basics for a certain field of professionalism. New terminologies, duties and routine work will be in effect, and in most cases, such undertaking will need to be started from scratch again, but the benefit of which is being able to further enrich individual knowledge and prowess, not to mention exposure to other fields of work as well.

For most people who have established themselves and have carved out a name in certain fields of specialization, the investment and time to be allocated to other undertakings is surely something that may not be worth it for them. In most cases, they would rather be content to where they are now and just improve and explore other updated information regarding their current specialization, whether this is business, medicine, or legal practices. It is true that any profession has room for improvement, gathering advanced levels of education such as a Masters degree (MBA), Doctorate degree (DBA) or board examinations that will provide the titles that most people aim to have.

On the other hand, no person should be deprived of his hunger for knowledge. The level of satisfaction that some people have is unique and totally different compared to that of other people. For this reason, multi-tasking responsibilities are to their advantage, the experience gained from which shall be their asset to any company that they may find themselves into.

Originally posted on June 6, 2006 @ 10:56 pm


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