An organizational mix between in a department will depend on the chemistry and how two people are able to provide respect towards each other and rely whole heartedly on the capabilities of one another. One person alone cannot do the tasks expected from the department or section they are in. In reality, all the help and support from the personnel manpower in the department can an efficient group handle all the expectations from them. This helps avoid problems such as back logs which a company would need to work back on, depriving them of being able to handle all the duties expected by the organization in their contribution to an effectively operating business.

Training and seminars on personality development and maturity will be a big help as well, but the best training an employee can have is from actual work that they encounter from their daily routine attendance to their duties. Routine work is more than just a cycle for any employee. It’s a trend that is not similar to that of any employee. It is actually a specialization of sorts. The work responsibilities, job description and expected output from their part in the organization are indeed a factor towards success. Most notable, financially related duties falling under departments such as the Accounting and Customer Service require a certain skill to be able to adapt and master. Hence, such endeavors should not be overlooked and treated as a non-sense profession when they are indeed something that plays a crucial role in organizational success.

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