Similar to how organizations maintain a corporate portfolio to allow its potential partners and would be investors and customers to gain interest is the religious practice of updating individual resume for potential and rewarding careers. Educational background, career highlights, affiliations and work experience are among the key areas to which most headhunters and corporate human resources department would immediately look out for.

Highlighting the points that will gain the nod and interest of most people would rely heavily on the work credentials and the highest form of degree and education anyone possesses. The degree to which a person may have in his resume may not be entirely reliable. In most cases, the trend based on the work experiences gathered by a person will most likely narrate the complete qualification and expertise of a person and how he will be able to fit in the organization to which he is aiming to join.

Finally, the presentation of the resume of a person is considered as the representation of the person as well. How effectively an individual is able to compose and present his resume upon submission to the different organizations that he is aiming or dreaming to be part of will truly be the telling factor. The desire and need he or she wants to accomplish will depend much on how they were taught to make their resume, the format and presentation most of the time that catches the interest of interviewers at first glance.

Originally posted on June 4, 2006 @ 10:54 pm


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