Noticing the operations through profit or alarming rise in accounts receivables which are prime candidates for bad debts after some time does not sit well with the management team of any company. They hire people to take on defined work, such as marketing or finance, with focus on growing the assigned departments. For professional people, carving out a niche and proving that they are deserving and can do no wrong will always be the initial attitude that they would render. But sometimes, management teams tend to overdo and abuse the capabilities of the coverage of work responsibility of their hired professional managers, paving the way to losing focus altogether in where they were hired to concentrate on.

For the sake of lesser argument, people just try to assume the responsibility with no complaints, thinking everything is for the benefit of the company as a whole. However, the little matter of the proper compensation and recognition for such efforts remain. Speaking of proper dues to the people tasked with turning around a company for all the problems that they in various business areas, fair recognition and assignments to deserving professionals should be thoroughly considered.

Not to point an accusing finger, but if a company can save on cost through capable and effective people, then by far they would grab that opportunity. However, witty as the scheme may be, people also think as well, and once they have invested enough knowledge, especially in the development of a good and effective business solution to the problems at hand, the pendulum may shift to the other side and may cause a big vacuum in the company, should these newly honed skills become critical and essential to corporate existence.

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Originally posted on June 13, 2006 @ 4:50 am


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