President Bush has openly solicited the support of congress in tackling the growing issue of illegal immigrants residing in the United States. It has been evident that the swelling number of illegally residing people in the state has been an issue that has haunted the nation for the past years.

Bush on Immigrant Status

Today, this issue has obviously been out of control and resorting towards deporting the millions of illegally located people in the country today is an impossible task to undertake. Hence, Bush proposed various alternatives such as a worker program to achieve a win-win situation. It is quite obvious that most of the immigrants residing in the United States are after work and greener pastures.

But in fairness to the legitimate residents, the swelling numbers should be controlled soon since at the rate everything is going, it seems that these illegal status of immigrants may soon become legal, getting away with the whole thing after all.

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Originally posted on April 28, 2007 @ 12:05 am

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