Anyone today can enter the world of politics if given the chance. However, entering politics is no laughing matter. Investments in the financial aspect to fund campaigns and pay off the necessary to be able to succeed in racking in votes of approval from his countrymen are among the risks involved.

Shifting of Career


However, the transition stage is another factor. Being accustomed to the probable office work and daily work routines may be in for a change as far as lifestyle is concerned. Politics is a meeting of the minds where people would use psychological factors and influences to win over the other.

Take the matter of the Presidency or any top position of any country. Before a person would be inducted to office to manage the pros and cons of surrounding people and countrymen, a test of patience and ability to handle people’s attitudes is important. Getting the nod 100% is impossible as seen in today in various parts of the world. A person can only aim to go as far as convincing the majority but unlike in business or other fields of profession, entering politics is one crazy rollercoaster ride.

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Originally posted on January 18, 2007 @ 6:24 pm

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