When election time comes, there would be common issues regarding how electoral candidates would vie passionately for seats in the governing body offices, especially the coveted presidential seat that would lead countries today.

US Voter Fraud

The issue regarding the relieving of US attorneys has still been in the air and another twist concerning the 2004 elections has been blurted out in the open that included voter fraud. For most countries, this issue is not surprising. Considering that politics is a web of concern that most people would want to get into since power is the obvious agenda for winning in set election periods.

Sad but true, this issue, a clear issue and has been revealed in line with the conflict in taking up the firing of the US attorneys. Slowly but surely, the reason behind why they were indeed relieved has been escalating and more findings are sure to come out soon.

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Originally posted on April 5, 2007 @ 12:26 am

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